Christmas Decorating

Less than 2 weeks away…have you decorated your home yet for Christmas? My team and I have been able to finish up some homes just in time for the holidays. It was exciting as we were able to purchase the perfect tree! Just in case anyone is looking to pick the right tree focus on these tips:

  1. Height of tree: away choose a tree which is 6 inches shorter than your ceiling height. Therefore, if your ceiling is 8 feet, choose a tree which is 7.5 high.
  2. Fullness of Tree: there are a variety of tree diameters: from full, narrow and slim. It is best to look at where your tree will stand and the full area of your room.
  3. Foilage Type: again, several types to look for such as classic, pine and true needles. It is best to feel the branches and study the colors. Most are made with PVC and color variations can change the look. I love the ones that are snow covered in Pine needles.
  4. Lights: you can choose from clear white. multi-color and the latest LED’s.  Try to choose a tree which has at least 750 lights with a soft glow. Although most LED trees do not have a soft glow, there is an advantage as they last longer and do not admit any heat).
  5. Decorations: When I decorate I tree, I tend to have a color theme that works with the room.  Add ribbons, garlands, bulbs and of course do not forget the Christmas Tree skirt. You go follow a pattern, a shimmer or the classic snow covered skirt.
  6. Have fun!

Here is a photo of the latest trend…that is right a black Christmas Tree! It looks gorgeous! (Photo from Treetopia)