Hello Retro Laundry Suite ~ Week 5

Week 5 One Room Challenge: Hello Retro Laundry Suite

So it is near an end of the One Week Challenge – to the ones that are not aware of the challenge, it is where myself and several other designers to renovate a room in a very short time span – 6 weeks! It is near the end, and I am so happy with the results.

Last few weeks we have gutted, removed cherry 12 x 12 tiles, primed over bright yellow semi-gloss walls and ripped out an ancient laundry tub and builder light fixtures.  And, we have transformed this laundry room into a larger space using recycled and sustainable products.

This week, butcher block was installed, sink,  faucet, backsplash tiles and of course washer and dryer!

The butcher block is a natural color in bamboo. I was debating on staining it grey or black, however, the natural undertones lighten up this space a great deal.  Therefore, I decided to keep it as is. This saved me a lot of time so I am thrilled with this decision as we are under crunch time!! I will need to treat the butcher block with linesead oil or Hemp Oil from Fusion Mineral Paint. 

My counter is 30 inches wide, I purchased a wider sink – at 25 inches wide with a 9-inch depth! I preferred to have a deeper sink, especially with my DIY projects or bathing my dog. I found many sinks were less than 8 inches, so I was pleased when I sourced this one! I also love the edges of the sink!


My backsplash has been installed as well. I was debating between a strong sturdy wallcovering from Maxwell Fabrics.    As many of you know how I love wallpaper! So many textures and colors to choose from! However, I opted for a penny style gloss tile from Centura. One can never go wrong with a classic penny tile! Its classic style will still give me a retro look for it being modern or contemporary for my laundry suite!

It still needs to be grouted and electrical to be complete, but look how adorable it is:

My satin finish black hardware has been added to my millwork as well.

So, next week is the final reveal…..Can’t wait to show you my beautiful space! Till next week….  #oneroomchallenge  #BHGORC

Goals :

  1. Finishing touches on the bench seat
  2. Window Coverings
  3.  Decorate
  4. Photo Session

A big thank you to The One Room Challenge and Better Homes & Garden! Be sure to check out other designers with the One Room Challenge.


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