Gilding Paste

Fusion™ Gilding Paste is a high viscosity sunflower oil saturated with pigment. We have 4 beautiful metallic colours; Metallic Bronze, Metallic Copper, Metallic Pale Gold, Metallic Silver, and two accent colours; Antiquing and White. Apply a thin layer with a cloth, use sparingly as it is highly concentrated. It dries and cures fully within 7 days. Depending on the amount applied, and the surface, as well as humidity and temperatures it may cure faster. No top coat is required.

Good to Know: If applying gilding paste on a metal surface, it is to be applied very thinly. Wait at least 10 days minimum to cure (can be longer depending on thickness of application)- works best when dry brushed or hand rubbed with excess removed.

Our formulation is made up of natural ingredients, with virtually no odour at all! It is a pleasure to work with! Our small sizes go a long way!

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