Milton window shades


In our blind and shutter showroom, located in Milton and the Chatham area, you can see and feel products from either Hunter Douglas, Maxxmar, Shade-O-Matic, or Eclipse Shutters. Be assured, choosing Decorative Dreams, you will receive excellent customer service, where we guarantee our workmanship. We also use the top leading manufacturers in North America, especially Canada. Decorative Dreams is also able to come to your home and show you products in your own home and offer a complimentary consultation. There is no need to second guess yourself, Decorative Dreams will complimentary premeasure your windows. Decorative Dreams window fashions are endless. We offer the most simple coverings such as faux wood blinds from Everwoods and real wood blinds such as Parkland Blinds, to roller shades, screen rollers and Images Rollershades, Provence Woven Woods, CrosswindBlinds, Verticals, Somner Vertical, Skyline Vertical Shades, Luminettes, PreciousMetals, and Palm Beach Shutters.

Room with Pirouette shades

Pirouettes - window shades

by Hunter Douglas


Soft, elegant fashion and function of Pirouette window shadings makes this remarkable window covering a truly unique innovation. Textured fabrics in a palette of colors transform from cascading folds to contoured vanes, allowing a softened outside view through the sheer backing, while also providing excellent ultraviolet protection.

  • Soft, horizontal fabric vanes expand to filter natural light, or contract to give you a perfect outside view
  • Minimum Width at 12" to maximum width of 144"
  • Minimum Height at 15" to maximum height of 120"
  • Easyrise™, Ultraglide™ or Powerview™ Motorized Options
  • Choose from Satin, Satin Metallic, Linen, Cotton, Bamboo Flax, Shantung and Angelica - in a palette of 65 color options
  • Semi opaque and room darkening fabrics in 4" petite and 5" Grande
  • Choose from standard, Two on One headrail and specialty shapes
Silhouette shades

Silhouette window shades

by Hunter Douglas


Select from a range of light-transforming colors and intriguing textures with our collection of beautiful fabrics. Sophisticated touches like an exclusive metallic hardware finishes are the perfect union of attention to detail and personal expression. Silhouettes now offers recent application, “Click & Walk Away” where you can lower your shade with one click, and raise lowers instantly.

  • Minimum Width at 12" to maximum width of 120"
  • Minimum Height at 12" to maximum height of 120"
  • Easyrise™, Ultraglide™, LiteRise™, CLick and Walk Away or Powerview™ Motorized Options
  • Choose from Originalle, Bon Sour, Toujours, Bon Jour, The Matisse Collection, Chateau, Nouveau, Voila, Mystere, Monaco and Tres Vue in a palette of 115 color options
  • Semi opaque and room darkening fabrics in a 2", 3" or 4" classic woven vane
  • Choose from standard, two-on-one headrail, tilt only, top down - bottom up, Grandiouse and Specialty Shapes
Vignette shades

Romans & Vignettes

by Hunter Douglas


Choose from a large variety of colours and textures for your window shades exclusive to selective dealers by Hunter Douglas. Decorative Dreams is able to offer you Romans from Hunter Douglas manufactured from luxurious fabrics and soft folds with Vignette Modern Roman Shades. Those products provide crisp tailored look with the added benefit of enhanced child safety as cords on the back are hidden with a linear. Options are endless creating warm, inviting, beautiful windows.

  • Minimum Width at 12" to maximum width of 140"
  • Minimum Height at 12" to maximum height of 108"
  • LiteRise™, UltraGlide™, EasyRise™, Powerview™ Motorization
  • Transversed : Vertical solution for windows and doors with moveable stack to left, right or split
  • Three Unique styles : Traditional, Tiered and Transversed with 4" to 6" folds
  • Choose from 16 fabrics, 99 textured and color combinations
  • Offered in semi-sheer, translucent and room-darkening fabrics
  • Standard, two-on-one headrail, top down - bottom up and specialty shapes
Applause and Duette shadings

Applause and Duette shades

honeycomb shades by Hunter Douglas


The ultimate collection of Cellular Window Shades with the most honeycomb constructions, opacities, colors, textures, prints and applications. Cellular shades include up to three insulating air pockets to create an energy efficient product reducing energy loss up to 50%. Shades offer luminous colors and crisp constant pleats.

  • Lower them for privacy or raise completely for maximum light and view
  • Minimum Width at 12" to maximum width of 174"
  • Minimum Height at 6" to maximum height of 192"
  • Easyrise™, Ultraglide™, LiteRise™ or Powerview™ Motorized Options
  • Choose from Architella, single, double honneycomb fabrics in a palette several color options
  • Sheer, semi-sheer, semi-opaque, and room darkening fabrics in a 3/8, 3/4, 11/4, 11/2 pleat size
  • Choose from standard, two-on-one headrail, top down - bottom up, Duo-Light, Skylight, Side Lights (Operable) and specialty shapes
Vignette shades

Solera window shades

by Hunter Douglas


Solera® Soft Shades is the newest product from Hunter Douglas. A unique combination of sculpted look and cellular construction brings a whole new dimension to the interior decoration. This truly innovative product brings sophistication and an outstanding functionality to any home.

  • Minimum Width at 16" to maximum width of 135"
  • Minimum Height at 15" to maximum height of 108"
  • LiteRise™, Easyrise™, Ultraglide™, or Powerview ™ Motorized Options
  • Choose from Prism, Alexa, Riley, Cobblestone, Fiona, Layla, Dilworth and Sloan with several options
  • Semi opaque and room darkening fabrics
  • Choose from two-on-one headrail, top down - bottom up and specialty shapes
Alustra shades

Alustra window shades

by Hunter Douglas


Unique Fabrics. Distinctive Details. Custom Combinations. A signature collection for those who seek out the best in design. Only available exclusively to selected Hunter Douglas Dealers like Decorative Dreams.

Choose from a remarkable collection of distinctive fabrics, filtering light and enhancing decor with sophistication. The appearance will evolve throughout the day offering practical benefits like UV protection, light control, glare reduction. Choose from Pirouette, Silhouette, Duette, Vignette and Woven Textures including Screen Shades, Skyline Window Panels and Roman Shades.


Learn more by visiting manufacturers' pages.

Maxxmar shades

Mandalay & Sunset shades

by Maxxmar


Mandalay Alternative Shades offer the latest in shade design. With a wide range assortment of dramatic fabric choices Mandalay Alternative Shades offer a style for any room decor. These window shades offer the flexibility of a soft view to the exterior in the open position to a diffused look in the down position. These shades are available as either a Dual Shade creating a layered look or Maxxmar's unique Tri-Shade design combining a Dual Shade fabric with a solid decorative fabric to provide the ultimate in light control. In addition, the Opera Shade system will create a true room darkening shade. These shades offer the latest in product innovation from Maxxmar Window Fashions. Perfect Sunset Shades with Opera allows you with a Perfect Sunset Shade with a Room Darkening Fabric behind your shade.