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Did you know that Decorative Dreams carries shutters which has been the North America's Best Selling Shutter? Long lasting Eclipse shutters with its innovative features are perfect solution for the extreme weather conditions in Canada. This type of shutters are designed with child safety in mind and made using innovative products. No more yellowing, fading or warping shutters. Many top designers are now choosing shutters with the ultra satin finish, which looks anfeels like a natural painted wood. We carry Eclipse Shutters, Maxxmar Shutters, Shade-O-Matic Shutters and Hunter Douglas Shutters, all designed with child safety features and protected through Our design team can come into your home, measure your windows to have them installed to a custom fit shutter fit perfectly into your home. The result? A classy, energy efficient, environmental friendly top quality shutter in your Milton home.


  • No fading, cracking, peeling or warping
  • Waterproof, washable, easy to clean
  • Enhanced Child Safety Design
  • UV Resistant - will never discolor
  • Energy Efficient, Fire Retardant NFPA-70 certified through Greenguard
  • Microbial and fungal resistant
  • 25 year warranty


  • Sheens: Ultra Satin, Legend and Luxury
  • Louver Size: 2.5", 3.5", 4.5" : the smaller the louver size, the more privacy
  • Vinyl Colors: Cotton, Pearl and Vanilla
  • Wooden Colors: Espresso, Cherry, Ebony, Coffee, Walnut, Golden, Antique White and Artic
  • Frames: Z, L, Casing, Sill & Trim Frames
  • Tilt Bar: Clearview, Side Tilt, Middle Tilt and Gear System
  • Divider Rail: Standard or Deluxe Divider Rail
  • Application Systems: French door Cut Out, Bi-Fold Track System, By-Pass Track System, Specialty Shapes including Arch's, Angles, half circles.

Shutter ideas for Milton

by Decorative Dreams

Favourite Milton shutters

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The most popular shutters in the Milton Area are a 3.5 inch, white (cotton) vinyl shutters with no tilt bar, called gear system. The latest, is the Ultra Satin Shutter, which feels and looks like wood. This results in a clean shutter you never have to paint or replace. Decorative Dreams highly recommends purchasing shutters with a frame. When your house ages and with our extreme weather changes, your window expands or contracts.

Frames, however, will eliminate any issues from opening or closing your shutters. Therefore, frames move with the structure of your window, limiting future issues. With our certified installers, shutters are installed properly, efficiently and our installers are protected through WSIB. We take great pride in our work, where we have completed many installations in Milton, Ontario. Please contact us for more details.