The Reveal – Hello Retro Laundry Suite

Week 6 – One Room Challenge: Hello Retro Laundry Suite

It is finally here….we are at the end of the 6-week challenge, where myself and many other designers and decorators challenge themselves to renovate and redecorate a space in a short time span- 6 weeks!  The #OneRoomChallenge first started by designer, Linda from Calling it Home where we all share ideas and support each other during this design process. This, however, is my first One Room Challenge as I was about to renovate my outdated laundry room-mud room and felt maybe it was time to approach this.  My family and I entered this space daily, where it is overcrowded with shoes and backpacks, and of course, the ever ending laundry piles.

I am excited to show you the outcome as each product was thought out to make this space warm, welcoming and of course joyful!

As you can see, we painted over the bright yellow walls to a classic color, Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore.  If you look closely, my open shelf above the butcher block is also in the same paint color. I did this so that I wouldn’t have too many different tones of whites throughout the room and a room like this always looks better with natural wood tones.

The funky retro black/grey/white tiles are from Centura, called Patchwork. I love the fact they are not your typical 12 x 12 tile, but a commercial grade 8 x 8 porcelain tile which shows this pattern beautifully. When designing this room, I wanted a tile that would have a motif pattern, and with these classic colors, it won’t make the room small as I had 12 foot high ceilings.

Initially, my steps were stained with a cherry stain as my house has red/cheery tones throughout (15 years ago!). Therefore, I restained my stairs, using General Finishes Gel Stain in Grey.

Use of my High Ceilings

Check out my stunning custom-made millwork! If you recall, I have 12 feet high ceilings and wanted to use every inch of my space.  By allowing the cabinetry to go right to the ceiling I have added storage space, especially for those monthly Costco runs. I needed to have some color in my laundry room, so I used Seaside by Fusion Mineral Paint. This is the perfect color as it flows with my artwork and gives a sense of calmness when added with a mix of metals. Don’t you just love it?

Bench seat with Textured Wallpaper and Linen Upholster Fabric Seat by Maxwell Fabrics

I also added a soft textured grass-cloth wallpaper by Galerie Wallcoverings. I love wallpaper and have it throughout my house as it adds so much value and warmth to any room. I must say, this was one of the easiest installs I have done – added paste to the walls, then paper and voila!  Included in my bench seat are 2 LED pot lights. I added this feature as many times we will hang out and need a place to read. By going LED, they will not overheat and last over 10 years!

Rocky on Bench Seat

If you look closely, I used two types of fabric on my bench seat. The first is a soft linen fabric, which I use for my window covering to make things more natural.  I can flip it to a more durable fabric, as I have a very active dog, Rocky. By using a popular fabric, Telafina by Maxwell Fabrics, which is constructed of a blend of modacrylic yarns which are soft, strong, resilient and dimensionally stable. I will not need to worry if my kids spill anything, or causing any damage. This fabric will last forever!

Sink, Faucet and Butcher Block

Before my contractor adding my bamboo butcher block, I was debating to stain it grey or black. However, once it was set,  I decided to not change it! The natural wood bamboo tones add warmth and some contrast that this room needed. There, I decided to not stain it after all!

“The Laundry Room” metal decor art piece was the beginning inspiration of my color palette.  It is perfect as it compliments the millwork paint color, the butcher block and all metals used throughout space.  I also opted in for a 25-inch wide sink at 9 inches deep, allowing it to be easy to use for washing the dog or cleaning up after doing DIY’s.

Since this laundry room has become our getaway – I used a beautiful glass bowl for my laundry tabs and a jewelry box to hold my fabric softener sheets. The sheets fit perfectly and will also maintain its scent when not in use. 










Did I mention my family and I use this space as our main entry way? It is! And, sometimes when we enter it, it is very dark. This GFI plug also acts like a nightlight! How cool is that? It looks pretty shabby with the penny style tile in a high gloss finish,  also by Centura.

So, this is how we spend our evenings, hanging out and doing laundry. I am happy now that it is in a more welcoming space! I also have room to fold the clothes as well.

Let’s recall what it looked like during this 6-week process:

This space was a loud bright yellow, washer and dryer on pedestals, and a broken laundry tub. We never had a proper space to fold our clothing and of course proper storage for our zillion shoes, jackers, and purses! By adding a bench seat, proper shelving and lighting this space is perfect for my family!

And, it is complete! A big thank you to Vanessa Francis, interior designer and talented blogger (who has been published in many interior design magazines including House & Home, Style at Home, Canadian Living, Redbook, Good Housekeeping, HGTV & Luxe Interiors).  I have known Vanessa a few years now and she has always encouraged me to do the One Room Challenge.  I am so glad I did! You can check out her One Room Challenge as she renovated her sister’s kitchen for her 9th One Room Challenge and her design is breathtaking!

Thank you for following along my laundry room journey. And a big thank you to The One Room Challenge and Better Homes & Garden!


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